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Murder mysteries offer a great opportunity for your employee's to learn how to work together as a team while having a lot of fun all at the same time.
Nothing breaks the ice like a little murder and mayhem!

You can choose one of our standard dinner mystery shows
and have your employees break up into investigative teams.
These teams will learn how to work together while collecting valuable evidence and interviewing suspects.
They will have to decide if the members of the other teams are involved in the crime.  Or are they just giving out false information to throw everyone else off the trail of the true killer so their team can win the prize?

Teams will weigh the evidence and sift through the information they collect to come up with a group solution to the crime and bring the killer to Justice!
Your employees will have so much fun questioning our talented actors, and tring to discover who's telling the truth and who's not that they will forget this is a work function.

Custom scripts

We can write a custom script just for your event or your group.
All of the fun and intrigue of our standard dinner mystery but with a personal touch. We can incorporate your company product, catch phrases, supervisors, employees, and even your competition into a scenario that's just right for you

Overnight Mysteries
Imagine all of the fun of one of our dinner mystery shows that covers one or two nights!
The perfect retreat for you and your employees. A fun filled weekend of multiple deaths, room searches, and crime scenes.
Your employees can work as teams or on their own as they follow the weekends crimes and piece together the clues and evidence to finger the bad guy.
Participants will be treated to enough crime, evidence, and information to make any armchair investigator feel like they have landed in "CSI heaven".
Don't worry. There are built in breaks so you can take care of company business too if you like.

You tell us. It's your event!
The murder, mayhem, and mystery will be waiting to start back up again when you are ready.
At the end of the show we will wrap up the investigation, "take out the killer", and announce the winners.
You and your employees will have a great experience that will live on in their memories for a long time to come.
                   AND YOUR GUESTS
      Maverick Productions Norfolk VA.